Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silent auction a big success for scholarship for Laizah

Thank you, AAUW members and guests of our 50th anniversary for helping us raise $509 through the silent auction for Zimbabwean student Laizah. In addition, other contributions--including those made at our April meeting, those sent from people invited to the celebration, plus some donated by guests at the meeting--added to the auction $ give us a grand total of $1,341!!!!
In a recent email from Maryjane, she said Laizah is enrolling in a sewing and dressmaking course, which is $20 per month for the class. She also has lodging and food costs. In addition, she still needs to take English classes in order to pass her English exam, which is needed for success in school and business; there is a cost for both the classes and the exam. There should be enough money in the fund for her to buy supplies to be able to start her business on completion of her course.

We will be sendng the money through "A Light for Zimbabwe," founded by two nurses in New Hampshire. They have done a lot of work with the mission/orphanage/hospital at Mt. Selinda, where the Westras are. Maryjane said that the two women take turns coming over for a month at a time and are able to bring funds with them. Their organization focuses on education and business opportunities, goals in common with ours.

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